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Cathedral Valley Tour

Cathedral Valley Tour
Full Day (6-7 hours)

Join us for a drive through Capitol Reefs backcountry to a scenic paradise of desert landscapes in our luxury 4X4 vehicle through cathedrals, temples, buttes and hoodoos that will get you away from almost all of the park’s visitors. We’ll hit alpine forests* or ford the Fremont River* and drive over the Bentonite Hills, stop at the South Desert Overlook and see Jailhouse Rock, talk about the geology and history of the area, stop at viewpoints along the way, visit the iconic Temples of the Sun and Moon, see geological oddities such as Glass Mountain, Gypsum Sinkhole and ancient lava flows. This trip has tons of photographic opportunities and shouldn’t be missed but sadly is by most visitors to Capitol Reef due to its remote location and oftentimes challenging roads. Capitol Reef’s Cathedral Valley should not be missed!

Cathedral Valley Tour: Half Day
4-5 hours

We’ll drive you on Capitol Reef’s less traveled back roads past Caineville Mesa and colorfully striped hills on twisty back roads to the Temples of the Sun and Moon and the geologic oddity Glass Mountain.

  • Temple of the Sun and Moon
  • Upper Cathedral Valley
  • Lower Cathedral Valley
  • Bentonite Hills*
  • Upper South Desert Overlook
  • Lower South Desert Overlook and Jailhouse Rock*
  • Ford the Fremont River*
  • Historic cattlemen’s cabin
  • Gypsum Sinkhole
  • Glass Mountain
  • Learn about the area’s history and geology
  • Thousand Lakes Mountain*
  • Caineville Mesa*
  • Ancient lava flows

* depends on the route taken